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Are Your Company Employee's Expenses Well Spent?

Are Your Company Employee's Expenses Well Spent?

We recognize the challenges faced by businesses in Hong Kong when it comes to managing and keeping track of employee expenses amidst their daily operations. To address this issue, we have developed a user-friendly and straightforward system that enables both employees and employers to effortlessly monitor their expenses. Our system generates monthly PDF statements, providing a comprehensive overview of the company's expenditures. This not only ensures the appropriate allocation of budget and funds but also promotes the efficient utilization of expenses.

Is Cost Management Not Important Compared to Maximising Revenue?

Is Cost Management Not Important Compared to Maximising Revenue?

With three times as many expense types as income, it becomes challenging to track and manage expenses. Our system offers real-time expense tracking and management, ensuring that you can effectively monitor your financial health while striking a balance between cost cutting and revenue growth.


Simple and Easy to use

Our interface is designed to be simple and easy to understand, so your team can get started quickly without training.

Flexible Operation

We understand that every company has its unique way of operating. Our system allows you to customize expense processes according to your company's operational model without imposing rigid requirements, ensuring the best fit.

Cloud System

Rest assured as your valuable data is securely stored and protected by regular backups, ensuring its utmost safety. We employ robust SHA256 encryption technology, allowing you to focus solely on your work and trust that your information is in good hands.

PDF Monthly Statement

Easily view all company expenses and their detailed information, simplifying expense management for both the company and individual employees.

Customer Service

Get immediate assistance with our WhatsApp support. Our customer service team is always ready to handle your queries and provide help and assistance whenever you need it.

Audit Ready

Audit-friendly PDF monthly statements to reduce time and labor costs associated with preparing audit documents.

Frequently Asked Questions


What can I use Starsnet Expense for?

Starsnet Expense provides a comprehensive solution to meet all your expense management needs. Whether you are a business owner, manager, or employee, our platform simplifies the process of tracking expenses, approving claims, and generating reports. With our efficient reimbursement system, you can effectively reimburse your employees while ensuring compliance with company policies, and gain valuable insights that will help save both time and money. Starsnet Expense is adaptable to businesses of all sizes - from small enterprises to large corporations.

How long does a monthly report take to generate?

Instant! With our automated systems, you can generate a comprehensive monthly report in just seconds. This gives you real-time access to vital financial data, eliminating the need for manual entry and spreadsheet compilation.

How do I create accounts for my employee?

Creating employee accounts with Starsnet Expense is a simple process. Here's how it works: First, log in to your employer account. Then, access the user management section. Enter the required information for each employee member, including their name and email address. After that, click on 'Create Account'. Our system promptly generates an email notification containing their login credentials (login ID and secure password). With these credentials, employee members can access the system without any additional setup. It's a hassle-free way to onboard your team and enables them to quickly reimburse expenses within Starsnet Expense.

Where can I find customer service?

Our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you with any inquiries or assistance you may need. For your convenience, reach out to us via WhatsApp at +852 5309 4822. We prioritize your satisfaction and exemplify our commitment through our timely and helpful assistance on this messaging platform. Whether you have questions about our system, require technical support, or wish to provide feedback, we are just one WhatsApp message away.

Security and Data

Is my data safe?

Yes, we prioritize the security of your data and have implemented measures to handle it with the utmost care, in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy. It is essential to highlight that we assume no liability for any unauthorized disclosure within the limits permissible by applicable law. While we take all necessary precautions to safeguard your data, it remains crucial to maintain constant vigilance and be mindful of potential risks. In addition, when you use our Services or share information with us, you are giving your consent to receiving electronic communications from us regarding matters of security, privacy, and administration related to the use of our Services. We prioritize your security and privacy and will make every effort to notify you electronically in the event of a security breach. This notification may be provided through a notice on our Services, via postal mail, or by directly emailing you.

How long will you be keeping my data?

When you have an active account with us, we keep your data safe and secure. You can access it whenever you need without any hassle. In case you decide to delete your account, we will remove your data permanently.

Will you delete my data?

Your data wiil be permanently removed when you delete your account.

Can I request data deletion?

Yes, you have the option to request data deletion. Simply contact our customer service team, and they'll guide you through the process. We respect your data privacy and will ensure your information is deleted in accordance with relevant data protection regulations.

Use Case

My company has less than 10 people, is it suitable for us?

Yes. Starsnet Expense proves to be a suitable tool even for modest teams comprising less than 10 members. While it may seem that smaller teams wouldn't initially find the necessity of using software to reimburse expenses, it's crucial to acknowledge that even in smaller organizations, claims can quickly spiral out of control and become arduous to track. Starsnet Expense simplifies and accelerates the reimbursement process, assisting small teams in saving time, minimizing errors, and gaining better control over their company expenses. With our user-friendly interface and cost-effective pricing, it becomes an ideal solution for small businesses to reimburse expenses with enforced policies and enhanced financial visibility. Whether you are just starting or already established, Starsnet Expense offers practical benefits to small teams seeking to reimburse claims efficiently.

My company has more than 20 people, is it suitable for us?

Yes. Starsnet Expense offers a flexible solution that caters to businesses of all sizes. We deeply understand the unique reimbursement needs of larger organizations, and our platform is specifically designed to meet their demands. With Starsnet Expense, you have access to a versatile tool that empowers your entire company. This tool enables you to reimburse expenses efficiently, track financial data, and collaborate better. Our system is specifically designed to streamline reimbursement cycles, simplify claim management processes, and foster productivity. Starsnet Expense offers a range of robust features to securely manage user access and protect sensitive information, ensuring utmost data security. Our committed customer service team is here to assist your organization by setting up the system and devising a plan that caters specifically your needs to reimburse expenses. No matter the size of your business, Starsnet Expense can greatly enhance expense management processes, boosting overall efficiency.

What major problems are you trying to solve?

Starsnet Expense aims to simplify and streamline the burdensome manual processes of traditional claim reimbursement. With automated expense tracking, you ensure compliance and get a realistic picture of your company's expenditures.

We have been using Excels and forms for the past 10 years, why should we switch to you?

1. Spreadsheets are prone to human errors. However, in our system, we have implemented automated expense tracking to significantly reduce this risk. By minimizing manual data entry, the chances of inaccuracies are greatly reduced. This ensures that your expense data is more accurate and reliable. 2. Spreadsheets often invite expense frauds. To combat this, our system provides robust security measures that prevent unauthorized alterations or data tampering after expense approval. We enforce strict access controls and allow you to attach receipts directly to expenses, making it impossible for fraudulent activities to occur. 3. Spreadsheets lack flexibility compared to our system. Unlike spreadsheets, our system provides automatic data validation and effectively enforces company policies. This ensures that employees adhere to spending guidelines, reducing the likelihood of policy violations and ensuring compliance with company rules and regulations. 4. Spreadsheets lack security. Our system prioritizes data security by implementing comprehensive storage, backup, and data protection measures. Moreover, we offer precise control over the access and modification of data, thereby enhancing overall security. 5. Spreadsheets don't show the big picture. Our system surpasses basic expense tracking capabilities by offering detailed reports and analytics. It reveals the amount spent and on what, and provides valuable insights into the underlying reasons. By gaining this comprehensive view of your financial data, you can make well-informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of your company's spending patterns.

Features and Feedback

Can I request more features?

Yes. We highly value your input and actively encourage feature requests from all of our esteemed users. If you have any specific features or functionalities in mind that you believe would greatly enhance your experience with Starsnet Expense, we kindly request you to share them with us. You can conveniently submit your feature requests through the dedicated feedback form within our platform. Rest assured that our dedicated customer service team will promptly review your valuable suggestions and provide a timely response. Your thoughtful feedback plays an instrumental role in shaping the future developments of our system.

How can I provide feedback?

Providing feedback to Starsnet Expense is a simple process. If you have any suggestions, questions, or feedback regarding your experience with us, we would greatly appreciate hearing from you. You can conveniently share your thoughts by using the built-in feedback form available within our platform. Our dedicated customer service team will thoroughly review your feedback and promptly respond to you. Furthermore, upon the approval of your feedback, we ensure that appropriate credits are provided to recognize and reward your valuable contributions. Your feedback plays a crucial role in enhancing our system and ensuring a seamless claim management experience for you.

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