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Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs Award

The 3rd Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs Award was held today (6) to encourage young people in Hong Kong to devote more passion to entrepreneurship and enhance the international competitiveness of Hong Kong's entrepreneurial talent. One of the winners, the founder of In & Out Mini Storage, Liu Jinjin, started his business in 2016 and has 18 branches and a large central warehouse.

Because her father's horses all have the word "shrimp" in their names, Lau Tsun Tsun is also known as "Pretty Shrimp Girl". She said she had sacrificed her relationship for eight years to start her own business, which had led her to fall into a mood disorder for a year. However, she was very satisfied with her income of $3 million this month, making nearly $1.5 million, and she is looking forward to exploring other fields.

Lau Tsun Tsun said that at the beginning of the "bold and rough" business, when her father, if there is a vacant property, asked her father if there is an opportunity to develop, so she thought of a conservative, defensive mini-warehouse, a rent business, plus the unit belongs to her father, even if it fails, the cost is lower.

Liu Jinjin is the daughter of Liu Xikang, the owner of the famous horse king "Pretty Shrimp King". Her father's horses all have the word "shrimp" in their names, which is why she is also known as "Pretty Shrimp Girl". Being from a wealthy family, she should be able to enjoy the benefits of her wealth without having to start her own business. However, she said that she wanted to create value for the society with her own execution, and she thought that a part-time job was not suitable for her, so she finally decided to start her own business. After half a year of research, she started her own business and invested more than a million dollars.

Lau Tsun Tsin said that even when she encountered difficulties, she never had any negative thoughts such as "I have a chance to fail" on the road to entrepreneurship. She, who is also an athlete, said, "If you are going to win a race, you must think that you will win first and then you will win. She said that entrepreneurs must be willing to sacrifice towards their goals, "If you want to get something, you have to give up something". She herself is a living example, having sacrificed her social life, her traveling time, and the end of an eight-year relationship to start her own business.

When it comes to 8 years of relationship, she said "of course it will be very sad", or the most sad experience in her life, she pointed out that in the 6th year of business, her partner did not understand her work, she was betrayed by her partner for nearly a year before she learned that, together with the company colleagues were being poached, the pressure of the work has ordered her to get a mood disorder, which she only use work to anesthetize herself, and she eventually needed to see a psychiatrist, and the situation was as long as a year.

However, she has no regrets about embarking on the path of entrepreneurship, and so far, with a monthly income of $3 million and a profit of nearly $1.5 million, she is very satisfied, saying that she can use the money earned for her own use and investment, and that she expects to explore the current business step by step, and then approach other areas in the future, with the start of a lifestyle brand.

Another winner, Xi Yun Che Chai Noodle founder Chan Siu Chau, studied economics and finance at a British university and should have been aiming for a high-paying job. However, he chose to start his own business because his family used to be in the restaurant business, and he likes to be close to people, so he wanted to be close to them.

Chan Siu-chow said, at that time with about 2.5 million dollars of investment, need to borrow part of the amount from family members. When he was looking for a restaurant space, he found an advertisement for rent, "a little bit of wrestling. After he discussed with the owner, the other party even asked, "Is it true? In addition to the preliminary preparations, the signing process took only about 2 hours, laughing that after the signing of the 16, immediately called his father, who was very supportive, said, "I have graduated, you have to find their own direction.

He currently has about 12 outlets, and the results are getting better, but he is not yet satisfied, and expects to do a better job of positioning and staffing arrangements. He encourages young people to start their own business, and encourages them to find a direction first, and stick to it no matter how bad or good it is.

Thematic mini-warehouse chain in and out of the easy mini-warehouse founder Liu Jinjin

Tu Houjun, Founder of Dayta AI, a customer data AI system.

Cheng Hoi Him, Founder of AQUA PRO+TECH, one of the leading companies in Hong Kong's sterilized products and services market.

ORIGINSPA Ogilvy & Mather Founder Tsang Chiu Ting

Founder of food tech company Meat the Next, Mr. Martin Chan

Founder of Apoidea Media, Chin-Peng Liu, AI Financial Media

Founder of AI Accounting System Binery, Mr. Lui Kwok Po

Founder of Bakery Time, Li Xinjun, Nostalgic Food Social Enterprise

Self-developed STEAM Teaching Material Center Founder of Beyond Concepts, Michelle Chen

Founder of Xi Yun Ice Café, Mr. Chan Siu Chiu

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Hong Kong Web3 Carnival: Cards Ahoy!

Hong Kong Web3 Carnival: Cards Ahoy!

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Xiaomi launches first electric car

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Hong Kong's Cyberport hosts national innovation and entrepreneurship competition

Hong Kong's Cyberport hosts national innovation and entrepreneurship competition

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